Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well Being Workshop

Well, after a long time, I am posting a blog soon after the event is completed. I realized the internal dialogue that has been preventing for doing.
What my inner dialogue is saying is “How many people see this? You have only 8 followers after nearly two years of blogging. It is not very smart to put in so much effort with such small returns.” What I realize is that my original goal of writing the blog as my self-expression and my won growth has been lost. I am amazed at the ways that the conditioning takes me over. I am happy and delighted that I am reconnected with my real purpose of writing the blog, which is connected to my passion to share personal growth.
This is the 41st Well Being Workshop I conducted. The opportunity for my personal growth in each workshop is to relate to it as a ‘new’ workshop, which it is. This is a basic practice that allows for relating to the NOW and living life in the present. I find it useful in generating each day as a ‘new’ day, which it is. This moment is new.  It is also helping me in relationships and all aspects of my work. Actually, it is a practice of mindfulness and love.
This is the first time I conducted it in the Pavilion of Tibetan culture, thanks to Kalsang. What a space it is! Excellent cross ventilation, beautiful greenery all around, the musical sound of water flowing in the fountain, the presence of Mother, Sri Aurobindo and HH  Dalai Lama, the wooden flooring and immaculate maintenance.... A part of this space is used for meditation – a better perspective is that it is a space for meditation. I was delighted that one of the earlier participants came along his son and daughter-in-law and also brought also a friend from Madurai. The daughter-in-law is expecting to have a baby soon. This was very inspiring for me and when she said that the baby likes the classes, I had an experience that I have no words to describe.
I invite people who have attended earlier workshops to join for the last two sessions and invite them to share their experience. I feel so satisfied and fulfilled when I hear about the better health they are enjoying. I am blessed to be the conduit for them to connect with the ancient practices of Yoga, Pranayama and Wellness.
Here are some pictures of the extraordinary event.


  1. The eternal message of Gita is revealed to only one person. goodthings spread from one to 1000. wishing to enjoy manymore of ur workshops.

  2. whenwillu update ur. hectic programmes?