Friday, July 8, 2011

An interesting quarter – April, May & June of 2011

 Health, Harmony and Happiness Workshops
These are based on my insight that the key to good health is on-line management of the energy field. So, I experimented by combining the Well Being Workshop with some parts of the Being Well Workshop and tried it out as a 4daya workshop at Auroville, Savitri Bhavan . It was very well received by the participants and it encouraged me to offer it again in May.

I faciliatetd a variation of this course at IIM, Indore for Defence Service Officers as a workshop of three full days. This was a very special event as it was an opportunity to connect with my extended family roots in Defence Services.

Even more special (for me) was the Health and Harmony Workshop I offered at Hyderabad for my college mates. This happened with the initiative if my dear friend DSR Raju and was organized by him and M. Subbarao, another dear friend of the 60’s in college. It was wonderful to meet friends form the college days and share the principles of health and harmony.  I am grateful to DSR Raju, M. Subbarao and all those who came over to the workshop.  K Venkateswarlu  (like DSR) is a dear friend from 1963 onwards and it was great that he could attend the workshop. I am blessed to share tools and techniques that could be beneficial to my friends who are so dear to me.
I see “Health, Harmony and Happiness” as the direction I would like to develop myself and my work.

Follow Up Sessions
This was also the period in which I have done three follow up sessions – two at IIM and one at LEC. This is an important aspect of the work – a follow up sessions are having a major positive impact in improving the practice of the tools and techniques i.e. in actually producing beneficial results.

Individual Coaching
A major opportunity for my growth during this period was two requests for individual coaching. It was challenging to manage the time and experiment with individual coaching - first attempts for me. I am glad that I took up the challenge and managed my commitments. It was enormously fulfilling and very satisfying in the end and I learned many important differences between workshop mode and individual coaching.  It is a privilege to coach anyone individually as it creates a connection of immense quality.

Stress Management
I conducted a two day stress management workshop at GMR. This workshop has now matured into a very well rounded event that I like very much and is benefitting  the participants.

This period was also significant for the progress in the ICITI project. I met a number of important people in Delhi and feel hopeful at the end of it. I am grateful for the opportunity to give  a talk at Indian Institute of Science on ICITI.

The blog
This post is more like a quarterly report rather than a blog intended for self expression and my personal growth. I am recommitting myself to update the blog after very event.

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