Friday, April 8, 2011

Health & Harmony

I have been offering various workshops on Pranayama, Wellbeing, Being Well, Freedom from physical and emotional stress…. During the summer of 2010, I conducted week-long retreats in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas, in which I combined many aspects of the earlier workshops. I had an insight that it all points to how you manage your energy field. I tried this out in a few short workshops and was ready to offer an integrated version - Managing your energy field for good health and harmony.

I experimented with a new format for the timings. This is 4 day workshop and we do Pranayama in the mornings form 7AM to 8AM. Then everyone gets a chance to do whatever they want to and reassemble after lunch form 2PM to 6:30PM. My intention was to make this workshop is an opportunity to explore, experience and internalize some holistic practices and processes for better health and inner harmony. My sense is that the intention has materialized and the workshop was very well received by the participants. I think the format also helped people to handle their other commitments.
Personally, it helped me to learn a lot – given the diversity in the culture and background of the participants. I also covered a variety of topics, practices and tools. That made the dimensions of the workshop very expansive. The discussions, questions and interactions were very lively and highly enlightening. I enjoyed it immensely and am more than satisfied with the outcomes. I hope to make this as one of my main offerings in Auroville. May be, I will increase the duration to 5 days and make the afternoon sessions a bit shorter. I look forward to folding in my leanings and make the second workshop more beneficial.

I am grateful for the wonderful space and help provided by the team of Savitri Bhavan. This is a very special venue for me and it was pleasure and privilege to offer the workshop here.

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  1. fine.I wish as aurovilian too u also focus on areas not fully takecare off just like auroville today mentions. the scope becomes wider broader. thanku.