Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well Being Workshop

This is the corner stone ( foundation?) of my workshops and there is an ever increasing joy for me whenever I have the opportunity to offer this workshop. Nowadays, it is mainly happening in Auroville, mostly due to logistics. We need a well ventilated, sheltered space where participants not only do the stretch exercises and Pranayama but also deep relaxation. So, we need cushions for sitting and a floor suitable for lying down. 
 The room which Kalsang offered for the program at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture is the best venue so far. It is on the first floor with huge windows and wooden flooring. It is meditation room, well provided with mats and cushions. The fountain adds a soothing, natural sound.  It is a joy to offer the workshop in this venue. The pictures reflect only the two dimensional picture as it does not capture the vibrations of mediations and the sound of flowing water – not to mention the panoramic view of the room.

We had wonderful, international gathering of participants. They were very cooperative and their participation was a source of encouragement for me. May the Divine bless every one of them with extraordinary wellbeing. 
One of the interesting points I wish to share is that it rained on all the 7 days of the workshop!

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