Saturday, April 24, 2010

Techno-70 get-together at INS Shivaji, Lonavala

Forty three of us joined the Technical Branches of the Indian Navy in 1970. We celebrated the 40th Anniversary of joining the Indian Navy and we called it Techno70. Today, none of us are serving in the Navy. The event was an extraordinary one and I met some of the pals after 40 years. I met many of them decades later as I was one of the early deserters. It was wonderful to see that our buddies travelled form around the globe to participate in this event. Though I was in the Navy for 20 years, I never went to Shivaji. A beautiful, scenic campus and perfect weather! We decided to make it an annual event from now on.
I was privileged to conduct an experiential session on Awareness to this extended family of mine. I am grateful for the opportunity and the interest shown by my friends and the attention they gave. That is not easy as they know me in the earlier Avatar(s) so well that it must have been a Herculean task to relate to me in my new Avatar and listen to me. Thank you, my dear friends.

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  1. Dear AVA,
    It was a pleasure meeting the others. Your talk added a lot to the entire experience. One needs constant reminders or one tends to get lost in the busy-ness of life and living it...that is why people like you are guide the rest of keep us anchored. Thank you..Neena and Pavan