Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Four Events in One Post

I have not combined events into single blog post, so far. This is because, each event is unique and I would like to give it my full attention. However, I am really lagging behind in my blog. If I don’t catch up, it may soon become history rather than log. So, I am combining four events in the past fortnight and call it innovation.
The first event was eIndia 2010 at Hyderabad and it was an eye opener for me. It is amazing to see the initiates, policies and projects of the various Governments and private sector and NGOs in eGovernance, eEducation, eHealth, eAgriculture......  I saw a demo of 3D educational content and it is mind blowing! My presentation was well received and I think it would be great to keep in touch with this annual event.
 While in Hyderabad, I also conducted an Emotional Freedom workshop for Locuz Networks. This is my second workshop at Locuz and it was great to reconnect with the people and friends there. I wish there was more time!
Soul Safari conducted their inaugural event and I was happy that I had the opportunity to be the one to lead it. I really enjoyed this event and look forward to more of it.
It is matter of joy for me to visit IISC anytime. Prof KVS Hari arranged a talk ‘Managing yourself as an energy field’. It was pleasure and privilege to be with the GenNext!
Next was the Well Being workshop at SAWCHU, Auroville. This is the 34th Well Being workshop I have offered in Auroville and I love to do it. This was especially wonderful as the weather was very kind and August 15th, apart from being Independence Day, is the Birthday of Sri Aurobimndo.  I am blessed to celebrate it in the Sri Aurobindo World Center for Humana Unity (SAWCHU). I am fulfilled and grateful.
I am planning to buy a camera this week and share pictures in the next post.

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