Friday, July 30, 2010

Integral Wellness Retreat at Verite

This is another of the core programs, one of the four petals of the flower of personal growth. There was a long gap form the last time I offered it in Auroville and it was wonderful to do it again in the beautiful Integral Learning Center Studio of Verite. Verite is a community in Auroville. Inormally take my personal guests for a visit to Verite to give them a feel for community life. Verite is highly conscious of ecology and offers a variety of courses and programs in their well maintained facility. They produce their own solar/wind energy (totally off-the-grid) and a lot of organically grown vegetables and fruits.

What made this retreat very special for me was the participation of my very dear friends; Kavitha and Jinesh Sonawala. They came all the way from Bombay, leaving their kids behind, to participate in this retreat. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with them the principles of Integral Wellness and was quite happy with the feedback they gave me. What better gift could I have than such an opportunity!

Chris is an Aeronautical Engineer for 8 years and now decided to study psychology (of human beings, not planes) and is first year degree student in Holland. It was very interesting to have him in the workshop as it is the first time ever! I enjoyed his views and feedback.

Well, I am still searching for the optimum format to share Integral Wellness in Auroville and am immensely enjoying the quest and the synchronistic unfolding.

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