Monday, October 12, 2009

Fusion at PEC/EIE Department

Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC) is one of the few campuses (that I know) with a glimpse of the sea. On 08 October, the Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) Department of PEC celebrated ‘Fusion’ to launch the Student Council, aimed at developing the all-round capabilities of students with systematic organization of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I had the honor of inaugurating the EIE Council and addressing the students on this joyous occasion. When Prof. Anandnatarjan, HoD personally came to Auroville to drive me in his car, I was astonished! I enjoyed the pleasant drive in the company of Prof. Ananadnatarjan and Mr. Tamil Selvam. It is more than eighteen months since I last visited the campus as one of the judges in a Technical Paper Contest. I felt happy see the campus greener and cleaner than what I remembered! It was a pleasure to meet my old friend Prof. Prithiviraj. Our connection dates back to IIT, Kharagpur in 1975-77. I feel very inspired by the initiatives PEC is taking to improve the curriculum, all-round development of the students and the campus.
We were received very traditionally at the venue of the function, flowers, scented water, beautiful flower arrangement, the brilliant smiles of the silk-saree clad young lady students and the General Secretary of the Student Council, Mr. Ramsivalinga. I was impressed with the way the function adhered to the time line, which is a rarity.
I chose the topic ‘Awareness of your inner resources to fulfill your dreams’ for this occasion. I was pretty pleased with this topic and wanted to do a few exercises that enable the gathering to experience awareness and have a sense of the inner resources. I have conducted such exercises a number of times. But, this was the first time (in my new avatar) I was talking to a gathering of 200 people and I felt nervous and apprehensive. There was a strong internal dialogue telling me that it is risky to attempt Deep Relaxation for such a large, young gathering. It took a lot on my part to remain ‘present’ and focused on talking about concepts like awareness and internal resources and actually conduct the deep relaxation process. There were the giggles, chatting and puzzlement during the initial steps of chanting. However, when we finally did the process, I was amazed with the stillness and the energy of deep relaxation in the room. In a sense, I could ‘walk my talk’, while I was talking! This is an extraordinary experience in my personal growth and I am grateful! I am also very happy with the questions at the end of the talk and I was dazzled by some of them because I was not expecting questions that I had after several years of practice. This is a reconfirmation for me that the younger you are, the less baggage you have and you don’t have to wait to start awareness practices.
I felt very happy with the EIE Department’s practice of presenting saplings instead of flower bouquets. I do wish more and more of us emulate this principle for greener earth. I intend to nurture this sapling I received as a growing memento of this event. I invoke the universal energy to nurture the seedlings of awareness in all of us who were part of this exciting and extraordinary event!
Prof. Anandnatarjan is a Yoga practitioner and I am bowled over with his suggestion that I could offer a Well Being Course based on Pranayama in the campus. When I was getting back to Auroville, I reflected on the day, my heart was filled with happiness and gratitude!
It was also a pleasure to meet Vignesh. His sister, Priya is my ‘Auroville daughter’ and works from the seat next to mine in Town Planning office. When I tried to click some pictures, I found that the battery ran down. I requested Vignesh to send me some pictures he took so that I can add one or two to this blog.
24th October 09: Atlast, I put the pictures! Thank you, Vignesh.
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3 Dec 2012
Here is a picture of the sapling planted 3 years ago

The veranda has been converted to a room and the tree is now taller than the building! 

I am grateful to Prof Anandanatarjan for giving me this sapling.

JV, 3 Dec 12


  1. your lecture was very inspiring and helpful to me and i'm now practicing what u taught us that day. it really helps me to concentrate, refresh and relax. u got me with the sentence "Experience worth 1000 pictures" and i'll try to follow this

    thank u

  2. Thank you, dear Thiruvarasan. I feel very happy and grateful!