Saturday, June 11, 2016

Meditation at Aikya

We are currently living in Aikya Apartments, Off Banergatta Rd in Bangalore. Madhavi, our younger daughter, designed this complex. We moved in to Aikya in December and we immediately noticed a sense of unity (true to its name!) and fraternity in this complex. Behind this is Mr. Ranga Rajan, a venerable elderly gentleman, who gives more than 10 hours per day all around the year, unstintingly and whole heatedly, in self-less service of the community. He is ably supported by the managing committee and we started enjoying the wonderful energy in this community. We have plans to travel to Europe and USA for 3 months and thereafter shift to our new home at Devlali. In a conversation with Mr. Ranga Rajan, I expressed my interest to give back something to this community that has welcomed us with open arms and where we have experienced some delightful atmosphere that was so elusive in the countless communities we lived in the past 45 years. The short workshop on meditation was result of that conversation.
The vent was very satisfying and fulfilling to me because of the wonderful, focused and attentive participation of the group which many having deep rooted interest in yoga, spirituality and personal growth.  I am grateful to Mr. Ranga Rajan and the managing committee for the opportunity and do hope that I will ahem more opportunities to share with such a wonderful group.

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