Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wellbeing workshop at Savitri Bhavan

 This is the last workshop of 2013 in Auroville. It would have been great to do the Health and Happiness workshop but I needed time and space to meet my other commitments.
One of the interesting aspects of this workshop is that it is the most repeated workshop amongst the events I have been facilitating in Auroville. In fact, this was Wellbeing workshop #60. I feel very satisfied and fulfilled that I have the opportunity to offer 60 workshops in 6 years of my stay at Auroville. I am happy and thankful to all those who made this possible, supported me, encouraged me and all those who participated in the events.
A very inspiring aspect of this event that I would always remember is meeting J, who wishes to be anonymous. I got a call from J in the first week of December and if I remember right, we met on 8th December. He had a paralytic stroke and he was using a walker. He wanted to do Pranayama also in his commitment to heal himself. By the time the workshop was finished on 16th, he was almost walking normally! I feel inspired by J for the will power, commitment to wellbeing and doing whatever it takes to recover. I will cherish the moments I shared with him and wish him all the very best of health and happiness. In my understanding, it is not the medicine or practice or anything else that heals a person but it is the consciousness with which one uses them that heals. The Mother said “Ultimately, it is the faith that heals”.  

I want to acknowledge  Suresh, who works at Savitri Bhavan. He is born in the nearby village, is studying while working and he is attending the English pronunciation coaching classes by Patricia(I am his co-student in these classes). He helps in arranging the space for the workshops. His intrinsic aspiration to grow and the excellence of his work, done with so much devotion and meticulousness, are awe-inspiring. It is a privilege to get to know him and have his support and help in offering the workshops.
Raphael from Munster, Germany is in Auroville, writing a book and it was great to have her in the workshop to review it. I enjoyed her generous hospitality and a lovely day in Munster during the last summer. Syamala participated in all the sessions and was a source of quiet encouragement, as always. Varadharajan makes it a point to come for at least one session and I am fortunate to have his presence. 

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