Monday, May 28, 2012

Wellbeing (Pranayama) Workshop at Auroville

This Wellbeing (Pranayama) Workshop at Savitri Bhavan is my 50th Pranayama Workshop. The more I do this workshop and say the instructions and share the benefits, the more the words of The Mother are sinking into me –
“Good health is an outer expression of inner harmony”
 “It is in good health that the path to transformation is found”
I started understanding that take care of our health and being mindful and responsible about our wellbeing is a basic step and integral to all spiritual growth. This is a new perspective for me. When I began offering the workshops in 2008, I did not have this insight.
 I am particularly happy that Mr. Mohan Kurivilla and Mrs Elizabeth came over from Bangalore to   participate in this event!
 During March, my good friend Varadharajan gave me an opportunity to conduct a session on transcending the inner duality as part of a larger event.
I feel grateful and satisfied to be in Auroville,  finding  the purpose of my life and the opportunity to express it.


  1. Nice informative blog about pranayam. Keep it up in future also.


  2. Thanks, dear Mike. I appreciate your encouragement.