Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boost Your Personal Productivity Workshop at Pondicherry Engineering College

This a second opportunity for me to at PEC with a large group. It was an exciting event and the topic is also somewhat new for me: just the second workshop and certainly first for such a large group.
I am very happy with the framework I came up for this workshop - productivity is a function of Health Quotient, Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient. Meditation is the best practice to enhance all of them to boost your personal productivity.
I wish I had chosen a less demanding meditation than  stillness. The group being large, I started feeling uncertain about the people being quiet and still and I was unaware that it became a fear to an extent that I asked two students who were talking to leave the hall.This is a huge learning for me in being present.
I liked the questions and I really enjoyed the event. I am grateful to Prof. Prithviraj for the opportunity and the faculty members for organizing it and the students for their participation. I am looking forward to a day when the curriculum in schools and colleges becomes integral and students experience the dimensions other than exams, marks, ranks and jobs.

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